Thursday, March 24, 2011

Burley tobacco outlook 2011

There are grounds for optimism about the upcoming US burley toacco crop. Daniel Green, chief executive officer of the Burley Stabilization Corporation in Springfield, Tn., told me, “We had a very challenging curing season [in 2010], especially in the central and northern parts of Kentucky.” The leaf cured quick, and much of it turned out yellow. It wasn’t very desirable. “Many farmers had large quantities of unmarketable tobacco, causing financial losses that may cause them to exit tobacco production,” said Green. But as the contracting period for U.S. American burley begins in earnest, the leader of the cooperative is optimistic. “We are looking at pretty strong contracting,” said Green. “Our cooperative will increase its contracts substantially this year, and I would anticipate we will see burley acres up 10% or more based on what growers are telling me.”

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