Monday, April 2, 2012

Brazilian tobacco crop headed for a major bust?

A leaf dealer with significant involvement in Brazilian tobacco trade thinks the flue-cured crop produced in 2011 and now being marketed will be only about 1.3 million pounds, although that figure is fluid and the actual volume may turn out 15 percent higher or lower. The burley crop is roughly projected at 150 million to 175 million pounds, he says. "Both crops are very high in nicotine, which reflects bad weather in the field," he says. "Curing conditions weren't good either and there was considerable quick-cured burley leaf." This certainly presents a marketing opportunity for U.S. growers, since there will a decided shortage of premium Brazilian leaf of both types. Another leaf dealer said the flue-cured in Brazil is useable at best. "Some of the burley crop might not be marketable at all." Marketing of both types is running behind and will continue for some time.

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