Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Will new barns be available for flue-cured growers next summer?

Although apparently there is little existing inventory of new barns in stock, several manufacturers told me this week that they have capacity to build more.
  •  Long Tobacco Barn Company LLC in Tarboro, N.C., has been building an average of only about 35 barns a year over the last five years, said Bob Pope, general manager. “With our existing barn line facility and dedicated machinery, we could build hundreds of barns for use next season.” For more information, call 252-824-3794.
  • Taylor Manufacturing of Elizabethtown, N.C., hasn't built barns in nearly a decade. But Ron Taylor, owner of the company, said he could begin production again very quickly if orders start coming in. “We can also build flue-cured combines if needed,” he said. For more information, call 800-545-2293.
  • An Italian company, DeCloet SRL, can provide bulk barn components for assembly in the U.S. if orders are received early enough, said Len Erdelac, the company's North American representative. His company also offers a multipass harvester and a last-over harvester that American farmers have shown interest in. Both could be available by harvest season. For more information go to www.decloet.it or call Erdelac at 519-983-0432 in Ontario.
  • Look for more on barn availability in the December issue of Tobacco Farmer Newsletter, out soon.


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