Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flue-cured production projected at 8% above 2010

               Flue-cured tobacco production in the United States was fore-cast at 489 million pounds as of July 3, up eight percent from 2010,    by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 
               Plantings are projected at 216,000 acres, two percent above last year. Yield per acre is forecast at 2,263 pounds, up 120 pounds    from a year ago. 
               Yields projected for North Carolina and Virginia were up
 from last year, while they were down in Georgia and South Carolina. By state: 
               --North Carolina flue-cured was rated in mostly fair to good condition. Many farmers have started to irrigate as weather has been hot and dry. Production was estimated at 395.6 million pounds, up   47 million pounds from last year.
               --Virginia flue-cured is progressing well. At the beginning of July, the majority of flue-cured tobacco was in fair to good condition. Most of the flue-cured growing area received rains,  contributing to a favorable crop. Production was estimated at 44.4 million pounds, up   4.5 million pounds from last year
               --South Carolina production was affected by drought as most growers reported a warm and dry growing season this year. The ma-jority of the crop was rated in fair to good  condition.  Some  growers  reported exceptionally low yields due to the lack of rain.  Production was estimated at 24.65 million pounds, down 11.35 million pounds for last year.
               --Georgia flue-cured was reported mostly in fair condition as of July 3. Production was estimated at 24.2 million pounds, down 3.1 million pounds from last year.

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