Monday, July 25, 2011

A good start for Coragen on tobacco

            The newly labeled insecticide Coragen for control of budworm and hornworm on tobacco appears to be enjoying a successful first season, based on reports received by Tobacco Farmer Newsletter.
            Burley and  dark tobacco grower George Marks of Clarksville, Tn., told TFN that converting from Orthene in the transplant water to Coragen lead to improved insect control. “It just works better,” he said in mid June. “We have had good luck with it this year and haven’t had to spray with anything else yet." If he were still using Orthene he would expect to be spraying more. If you use Coragen in the transplant water, do not apply Belt or Coragen as the first foliar treatment following transplanting, said Hannah Burrack, N.C. entomologistOtherwise there is a risk of budworm resistance to Coragen, Tracer or Blackhawk, Denim, Orthene and methomyl would all be better choices“You want a material with a different mode of action,” she said.

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