Saturday, July 30, 2011

Slip Sheets: You Get What You Pay For!

 An advertising message from Jim Bowen, president of Zebac Packaging Incorporated (

        While making sales calls recently, I met a tobacco grower who had some slip sheets left over from the 2010 season. He had found a good price for the slip sheets and wires the year before. I asked if I could have a slip sheet for analysis, and the analysis revealed the following:
        The sheets, which were printed Complies with VT-1, weighed 2 lbs. 14 ounces, or 46 ounces. When the wire weight was added to the sheets, the total weight was 67 ounces. This is, in fact. five ounces below the minimum required weight of 72 ounces for compliance with VT-1.
        The difference in price was $0.30 per slip sheet ($2.25 each compared to $2.55 each.) The farmer saved $0.30 per sheet by purchasing the cheaper slip sheets.
        Tobacco was selling at approximately $1.75/lb, or $0.11/ounce. The tare weight was set at five pounds or 80 ounces. Since the actual physical tare weight of the farmer's bale was 67 ounces, the farmer lost 13 ounces of tobacco or $1.43 per bale sold ($0.11 x 13 ounces = $1.43). When you add that to the price, the cheaper sheets actually cost $3.68 each.
        Even if the slip sheets and wire weigh the required minimum of 4.5 lbs. or 72 ounces, the scale is still set at five pounds or 80 ounces. At $0.11 per ounce for tobacco, you still lose eight ounces or $0.88 ($0.11 x 8 ounces = $0.88). The point is this: Purchase your baling supplies from someone you can trust, someone who understands packaging and how to engineer the proper package for the application. Zebac Packaging Incorporated engineers and manufacturers sheets that not only comply with VT-1 but also maximizes your profit margins at the point of sale. Call Jim Bowen at Zebac Packaging Incorporated and receive what you are paying for...and full price for what you are selling.

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