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January II 2022

The surest way to reduce the risk of diseases carried over in trays is to purchase new trays each season, according to the Burley and Dark Tobacco Production Guide. Previously used trays, which may be contaminated with pathogens, should be rinsed prior to fall storage and disinfected just before seeding in the spring. They should be stored indoors out of direct sunlight. Do not store trays for long periods of time in a greenhouse, where ultraviolet light and heat will cause deterioration and damage.

Other tips on burley tray management: Avoid storing sanitized trays in areas where trays may come into contact with soil or debris, or cover trays with plastic or a tarp. Take appropriate steps to protect trays from damage due to the nesting of small rodents and birds.

Casting a vote in the Carolinas: N.C. and S.C. flue-cured growers will have the opportunity to vote whether or not to continue to fund the market promotion programs of Tobacco Associates Inc. on Wednesday January 26. Growers can vote at any of the Extension Service offices in flue-producing counties during regular office hours.

The stakes are high. “Over $60 million of exports can be directly attributed to the technical product development work conducted by the (TA) organization to continue to be effective,” says Hank Mozingo, TA President. “We must give our staff and consultants the resources to continue doing what they know how to do.”

Annual meeting: The next week, the annual membership meeting of Tobacco Associates will take place March 2 at the N.C. Farm Federation Headquarters, 5301, Glenwood Ave., Raleigh NC, 10 to 12, followed by lunch.

The 2022 Tobacco Workers Conference will be held at the Richmond Marriott, hotel in Richmond VA from 24 January to 27 January.

New S.C. leaf specialist: William Hardee has been named Extension specialist for S.C. Hardee had served as Extension agronomy agent for the two leading S.C. tobacco counties—Horry and Marion—for the last nine years. He will still serve as ag agent for all row crops in those two counties while covering tobacco in all counties in the state. Hardee earned his bachelor’s degree at Clemson and masters’ at Auburn. Loris, S.C., is his hometown.

A Report from Overseas:
Investors in China are reportedly negotiating with farmers in the Dominican Republic to purchase tobacco grown in the DR, which could signifi-cantly increase Domi-nican leaf exports. The Dominican Republic is already the leading exporter of cigars in the world with customers in 142 countries. The Chinese are seeking a quotation for an initial purchase of 365 tons of DR tobacco.




--January 21, 9 A.M. to 10 A.M.. Tobacco Meeting-for Chatham, Lee, Moore, & Randolph Counties - Lee County Center, 2420 Tramway Rd, Sanford.
-- January 31, 10 a.m. to 12 PM. Pitt County Tobacco Meeting - Pitt Cooperative Extension Center 0371, 403 Government Cir # 2, Greenville.


February 8, 10 a.m. South Boston VA. TJM Community Ctr., 1011 Huell Mathews Hwy. Contact: Rebecca Slabach at ( or 434-476-2147--Halifax County.

2022 GAP Training Dates--
More meetings will be listed in the next issue Tobacco Farmer Newsletter

--January 31, 9 A TO 12 P TO CST. CONTACT Vicki Shadrick, at or 270-639-9011, Webster Co. Extension Office, 1118 US Hwy 41A, South KY 42409. Webster.
--February 1, 8 AM TO 3 PM CST. CONTACT Jeff Smith, at or 615-384-7936. Robertson Co. Fairgrounds Bldg., 4635 Highway 41 North, Springfield TN 37172.
--February 4, 1:30 PM TO 4 PM EST. CONTACT Contact Amy Rochkes, at or (865) 622-4606. NC State Fairgrounds, Holshouser Building, 1025 Blue Ridge Rd., Raleigh NC.
--February 8, 10 AM TO 2 PM EST. CONTACT Rebekah Slabach, at Or 434-476-2147. TJ TO Community Center, 1011 Huell Mathews Highway, South Boston VA.
--February 9, 1 PM TO 3 PM. CONTACT Matt Adams at or (270) 765-4121. Hardin County Extension Office, 111 Opportunity Way, Elizabethtown KY.
--February 9, 6 PM TO 8 PM CST. CONTACT Clint Hardy at or 270-685-8480. Daviess County Extension Office, 4800A New Hartford Road, Owensboro KY.
--February 10, 6 PM TO 8 PM EST. CONTACT Tad Campbell, or 606-564-6808. Maysville Community and Technical College, 1755 US 68, Maysville KY.
--February 11, 9 AM TO 12 PM EST. CONTACT Corinne Belton, at or 502-633-4593 Shelby County Extension Office, 1117 Frankfort Road, Shelbyville KY.
--February 15, 9 AM TO 11 AM EST. CONTACT Amy Rochkes, at or 865-622-4606. Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center, 2900 NC Highway 125 South, Williamston NC.
--February 15, 10 AM TO 2 PM EST. CONTACT Joanne Jones, at or 434-542-5884. Midway Baptist Church, 2595 Midway Road, Phenix VA.
--February 16, 9 AM TO 11 AM EST. CONTACT Amy Rochkes, at or 865-622-4606. Johnston County Agricultural Center, 2736 NC 210 Highway, Smithfield NC.
--February 17, 9 AM TO 11 AM EST. CONTACT Amy Rochkes, at or 865-622-4606. Northeast Park Meeting & Event Center, 3441 Northeast Park Drive, Gibsonville NC.
--February 18, 9 AM TO 11 AM EST. CONTACT Amy Rochkes, at or 865-622-4606. Yadkin County Agricultural & Education Building, 2051 Agricultural Way, Yadkinville NC.
--February 22, 10 AM TO 12 PM EST. CONTACT Amy Rochkes, at or 865-622-4606. Meadowview Conference Resort and Convention Center, 1901 Meadowview Pkwy, Kingsport TN.
--February 23 , 10 AM TO 12 PM CST. CONTACT Amy Rochkes, at or 865-622-4606. James E. Bruce Convention Center, 303 Conference Center Drive, Hopkinsville KY.
--March 7, 6 PM TO 8 PM EST. CONTACT Jay Hettmansperger at (859) 792-3026 Garrard County Extension Office 1302 Standford St. Lancaster KY.
--MARCH 8, 9 AM TO 12 PM CST. CONTACT Joe Griffy at or 931-232-5682, Stewart County Visitors Center, 117 Visitors Center Lane, Dover TN.
--March 9, 6 PM TO 8 PM EST. CONTACT Jessica Barnes at or 859-234-5510, Harrison County Fairgrounds (McCauley Building), 2849 US Highway 27, South Cynthiana, KY.
--March 10, 6 PM to 8 PM CST. CONTACT Keith Allen or 615-666-3341 Macon County Fairgrounds - Sally Wells building, 231 Russell Dr, Lafayette TN.
--March 1, 2 PM to 4 PM CST. CONTACT Matt Futrell @ or 270-839-6651 Christian Co. Ext. Office 2850 Pembroke Road Hopkinsville KY.
March 14, 7 PM to 9 PM CST. CONTACT Matt Futrell or 270-839-6651 Christian Co. Ext. Office 2850 Pembroke Road Hopkinsville KY.
--March 15, 9 AM TO 11 AM CST. CONTACT Matt Futrell at or 270-839-6651 Christian Co. Ext. Office 2850 Pembroke Road Hopkinsville KY.
--March 15, 1PM TO 3 PM CST. CONTACT Matt Futrell 270-839-6651 Christian Co. Ext. Office 2850 Pembroke Road Hopkinsville KY.


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